Legalization of marijuana

The legalization of marijuana for medical purposes has been around for a number of years.  For some, it seems that it is just a ploy to make marijuana addicts legalize their use of the drug.  For this, the medical field and pharmaceutical industry will have to come up with a reasonable and medically sound justification for the use of marijuana as treatment.    The cannabis oil Canada can be addictive for long term use and that is aside from its effects on the human brain.  The world is known for justifying some wrongs to make them right.

Marijuana has been around for many decades and is known as an illegal drug that could have hallucinogenic effects.  First and foremost are its effects on person’s judgment and perception.  It means it can be deceiving to a person who is on the drug.  We must remember that all men are the same.  There are those who can control their faculties very well while there are those who simply succumb to the ill effects of illegal drugs.  It is wrong to generalize on effects of drugs on different people.  There are people who can tolerate the effects very well but there are also those who get confused when a drug or drugs take effect on them.

This is the reason why there needs to be tests on people on how the react to drugs, especially drugs that affect brain function.  Not all men are created equal when it comes to this.  Tolerance for drug effects is different from one person to another.  There is no point in saying that all people react the same way to the effects of drugs.  The effect of drugs on human bodies can be individually different from one another.

How legal should it be?

In the legalization of marijuana, it should be strictly controlled.  This simply means that even smoking marijuana should come from a physician’s prescription for treatment of a health condition.  This means that people asking where to buy cbd in Canada should not be simply entertained.  They should have a medical certificate that they are being treated for a medical condition and that the best treatment is with the use of CBD.  This is to avoid marijuana addicts making an excuse in using marijuana for treatment of their health concerns.

Legalization should be limited to pharmaceutical companies producing the product.  Legalization should not mean that not anyone can plant and grow marijuana for medical consumption.  It might be possible to do just that if a physician can justify the simple use of marijuana by growing them will be more economical than buying end-products of pharmaceutical companies.  Physicians or the community should have ways and means to control growing of the plant in a patient’s premises.


For governments or countries that will legalize marijuana for medical treatment, they should have the proper controls so there will be no abuse on their use.  It is still an illegal drug that causes addiction that alters the mental faculties of those who use them excessively.  In the same manner, the government should likewise control licensed to prescribe marijuana concoctions to their patients.

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