THC Free Cannabis Oil Canada

Not many people know, but Canada is actually one of the first countries to legalize medical marijuana. Back in 2001 they legalized medical marijuana under some conditions. Back then, you can only buy medical grade marijuana from a government controlled seller. You have to note that there is only one seller back then. On top of that, you will have to get a doctor’s permission and a license from the government. There are several problems regarding this policy even if it was safe.


Because there is only one seller, the product is basically monopolized. Therefore, no other strains were tested in order to find out which strain is more helpful with a specific medical condition. This also reduced the quality of the product.

Supply versus demand

There was a lot of demand, but the supply is very short. The prices of medical marijuana in Canada before was very expensive.


The good news is that the government saw through these loopholes. They allowed people to actually plant marijuana and try out different strains and can sell them to patients. This allowed better marijuana strains. This means that institutions can actually test different strains that will work on specific conditions. This improved the medical field a lot in Canada so other countries followed suit after that. The prices also went lower so many people who are depending on morphine shifted to cannabis and saved a lot of money on good quality medical pain killers.

THC free medical marijuana

Because of the number of strains available, medical marijuana was made THC free. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is an oil found in hemp that is actually psychoactive. This means that the “high” comes from this particular component. All people who want to use medical marijuana without this feeling was then relieved. The zero thccbd Canada became successful. It also allowed the government to shift their focus from controlling the distribution of the medicine to other more important matters.

Recreational marijuana

In 2017 recreational marijuana was legalized. This was a good day for many people in Canada. Today, it is now less regulated than cigarettes since it poses less dangers. Minors are not allowed to buy and use recreational marijuana and only licensed producers and sellers are allowed to engage in the marijuana business.

Independent production

With the number of researches made all over the world regarding the uses of hemp, Canadian manufacturers followed suit. Now they are also locally producing zero thc oils which are good pain killers and good medication for epilepsy and Parkinson’s. Keyword internet searches like “cannabis oil Canada”, “cbd oils Canada” and “cbd hemp oil Canada” were so popular that even people from other countries are ordering from them.There are also other products that are being manufactured like fiber and rope. This created a lot of jobs in the country and a lot of businesses worldwide. And even the country allows the use of recreational marijuana, they have the lowest crimes related to the abuse of this product. On top of that, their healthcare includes the use of medical marijuana because of its good price and its good benefits to the body.

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